Suppliers Charter
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Suppliers Charter

Charter’s Objectives:

  • To activate the governance framework for ensuring strategic fit, realization of value, care and accountability, risk management and business continuity, information security, occupational health and safety management, the performance quality of contracts and procurements division operations, and the adoption of approved policies.
  • To ensure the adhering to legislation, laws and provisions which are regulating contract and procurements management process.
  • To determine the relationship with suppliers of Department of Finance.
  • To build a long-term relationship for achieving a competitive advantage and decreasing costs.
  • To improve suppliers’ performance
  • To ensure effective contacting and communication with suppliers.

What we expect from you:

We expect from our suppliers to adhere to the following ethical behaviors:

Conflict of interests:

suppliers shall avoid any dealings with departments’ staff that may conflict or appear to be conflicted with the department’s interest. Any conflicts of interests, if any, shall be disclosed in writing in accordance with the form approved in Tejari System.


The supplier shall guarantee that his employees and workers shall adhere to tolerant behaviors and good manners, avoid unethical matters and any abusive, negative, or behaviors based on intimidation, threats, abuse, violence, or harm. 

Appropriate outfit:

as department commits to highlight the national identity and respect cultural diversity; therefore, it expects its suppliers when they come to the department or participate in the work assigned to them by the department to adhere to accepted standards as per governmental directions in the Emirate of Dubai. 

Gifts, meals, and entertainment:

suppliers are not allowed to present any gifts, meals, or entertainment to the department’s employees at any situation that may affect or appear to affect any employee’s decision regarding suppliers. Moreover, cash or its equivalent is not allowed to be granted, and it is strictly prohibited to present any gift or Entertainment voucher during the bidding period in which the suppliers participate.

Bribery and commissions:

suppliers should not involve in any form of commercial bribery or commission scheme nor provide any incentive to an employee, his family or friends for obtaining or maintaining work with the department.

Business information:

reliable, precise information and records are very important in order that suppliers meet their legal, financial and administrative obligations.

Using the department’s assets and intellectual property rights:

if performing services, supplying goods, or performing duties requires the use of property, equipment, and other assets of the department, suppliers shall do the same in a responsible manner and they shall ensure that any of these assets and properties are being used for the purposes intended for them and by the authorized persons. Suppliers shall protect and use the department's property and assets and other tangible and intangible assets. Whoever, they shall not use any trademark or any other intellectual property except upon obtaining an express written permission from the department or from the parties concerned with these rights.

Utilizing of technological resources:

if performing services, supplying goods or performing duties requires the use of department equipment, technological systems and devices, suppliers shall not do this for purposes other than those authorized by the department or that are directly related to the implementation of the purposes of the relevant agreement. The suppliers who operate the department's technological resources will be notified of restrictions which are imposed over users, and they should not violate licensing agreements nor do any kind of action that affects the department’s responsibility or exposes it to liability before any other party. The Department reserves the right to control the use of its own technological resources related to information at any time and without notice including gaining access to files, documents, records, databases and e-mail or reviewing, copying, or restoring them including emails and online activity, and any other information collected by the use of technological information resources in the department. Therefore, users of technological information resources in the department should not expect to enjoy any privacy related to information or communications that are made, transmitted or stored in the technological information resources in the department. 

Information Security:

all information accessed by a supplier for performing its work and services or providing goods to the department should be kept confidential, even if such information has not been classified or is not specifically related to the department, and to prevent abuse, theft or misuse of this information. Due diligence in dealing, discussing, or transmitting sensitive or confidential information that may affect the department, its employees, customers, and its public audiences shall be exercised by suppliers. Suppliers bear the direct responsibility for taking the necessary steps to secure the department's information from any damage or loss to ensure its secure possession. Maintaining the confidentiality of the department’s information and keeping it confidential is an ongoing commitment and shall survive even after appointment or contracting with the department.

Obedience of the law:

Suppliers bear responsibility for ensuring that their employees understand their compliance with relevant legislation and regulations. 

Occupational and environmental health safety:

Reporting accidents or any source that may affect occupational health and safety to prevent accidents and health injuries arising out of or related to work or occurring during work. Moreover, all occupational health and safety standards which are applicable in the department shall be adhered to, whereas the department seeks to achieve compliance with environmental sustainability requirements, and it expects that all suppliers comply with these requirements. Suppliers shall seriously dedicate themselves to increase the positive impacts and limit the negative impacts of their operations and the supply chain on the environment 

Business Continuity:

Reporting potential contingencies that would affect business continuity with the department and setting and implementing emergency plans and rapid response procedures that ensure business continuity.

Quality of delivery:

suppliers should take into account that the department keens to obtain the highest level of services and goods, which are in compliance with the best local and international standards, and in accordance with the contractual conditions and obligations.

Contact Information:

Because your opinions really matter, and to enhance the quality of the service provided by all suppliers, we appreciate reporting any illegal or inappropriate behavior or any behavior that constitutes a potential violation of this charter by the department’s employees or the supplier’s employees or any party concerned with the contractual relationship, the department shall be informed about the case, such reports can be sent via the following channels:
The supplier's relationship with the department will not be affected by the true reporting related to the misconduct.
The breaching of provisions of the Suppliers Charter may lead the Department of Finance to terminate the relationship with the supplier along with taking the administrative and legal measures as per the regulations approved by the Department.