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Vision, ​Mission and Values


Financial excellence for a promising future and a globally competitive position.


Sound financial management of Dubai Government funds by means of progressive policies and sophisticated financial systems designed to support sustainable financing of Dubai’s development plans, in an environment that inspires innovation, with competent personnel and successful partnerships.


  1. Transparency: Achieving sound management by working in an honest and transparent way, ensuring justice, boosting confidence, credibility, accountability and supporting empowerment.
  2. Positive Energy: Spreading positive energy among employees through teamwork, collaboration, being passionate about work and giving limitlessly.

  3. Innovation: Seeking to transform innovation into corporate business by providing an environment that stimulates creative thinking and by building highly skilled innovative individuals.

  4. Competitiveness: Continuously enhancing corporate performance, seeking excellence and foreseeing the future to be number one in all we do.

  5. Successful Partnerships: Develop effective partnerships that ensures happiness of all those involved.

  6. Leadership: Effective personal contribution and leading by example at all levels.

  7. Empowerment: Empowering all personnel to contribute to the achievement of DOF’s objectives, to take initiative and to innovate.

Strategic Goals

  1. Stakeholder’s Happiness
    • Provide innovative and distinctive government services.
    • Enhance and strengthen relations with partners and suppliers.
    • Promote happiness in society.
  2. Enhancing financial stability and stimulating economic growth
    • Development of financial planning and budgeting processes.
    • Sustainable financing of Dubai Government's development plans.
    • Development of effective financial systems, policies and laws that promote financial sustainability.
  3. Ensuring continued financial efficiency in the public sector
    • Raise the efficiency of public fund management and effective monitoring of budget implementation.
    • Apply the best international accounting, financial standards and improving transparency and reliability.
    • Foster Smart and electronic transformation.
  4. Corporate capabilities that support excellence and innovation
    • Create a happy workplace that attracts talents and supports development and innovation.
    • Manage and develop corporate capabilities to achieve government excellence.
    • Smart and electronic integrated infrastructure to support business activities.
    • Secure management of resources and properties supportive of sustainability.
    • Support and develop corporate innovation and future shaping.

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