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Sustainability Policy

DOF commits to regulating financial processes and managing the economic, environmental, and social impacts in the emirate, which represents an approach and a policy followed by DOF to enhance economic growth, preserve the economic and environmental resources, and deploy them to serve the society.

DOF designed the sustainability policy as the key pillar in the department's sustainability framework, developed to organize and frame the activities and initiatives carried out by the department in its processes and services, as well as the keystone for applying best practices in the financial government sector through the application of public fund management and governance standards to enhance sustainable financial performance, and fulfill social and environmental obligations, local and international, taking into account the needs of stakeholders and social participation, focusing on corporate values of integration and transparency.

DOF's sustainability policy aims to fulfill the sustainable development principles and requirements, identify mechanisms for implementing best practices by integrating them with DOF's business model to assure the integration with its processes and initiatives, and contribute to achieving its strategic and government directions with regards to sustainability.

DOF is committed to achieving sustainability in the economic, environmental, and social dimensions, by applying and complying with global sustainability standards (GRI), including the governance requirements and principles, governance structure, authority management, and other best practices to ensure the governance of DOF's business model, thus enhancing that institutional culture and work approach.

DOF is also committed to complying with environmental and social regulations, along with implementing the related initiatives to sustainability, knowing the importance of these actions, considering it as a foundation in achieving effective sustainability management, besides the top management commitment to review, and update the policy periodically, align it with the best practices, and publish and announce it for the concerned party.