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Objective and Policy Summary

In lines with Dubai Government DOF’s vision of the importance of sharing and making the financial statements available to all levels inside and outside Dubai, with the diverse needs and requirements of vital sectors in the economy. Also, contributing to the empowerment of the society and its various sectors and investors at home and abroad to access the information and financial data that supports the economy of the Emirate, and ensure understanding of the society’s needs and achieve the requirements of global competitiveness; Therefore, in this context, DOF has prepared the financial dashboard, which includes many financial statements and global financial indicators, as per IMF's ratings and GFSM index, enhancing confidence in financial sustainability and emphasizing the robustness of Dubai's economy.

Open Data Policy refers to data that may be used, reused and published  by any individual freely and without technical, financial or legal restrictions, taking into account the requirements of the legal license under which such data were published   (Law No. (26) of 2015 Regulating Data Dissemination and Exchange in the Emirate of Dubai). It is one of the leading practices, which reflect DOF's continuous development desire by opening up to the community of Dubai by providing transparent financial data and information that are of interest to the community and reflecting the efforts of Dubai Government in developing government services and projects in line with Dubai Plan 2021. DOF adopts the concept of open data, and provides through its website many data and information to enhance participation and raise the knowledge of DOF's efforts, in addition to achieving the following added values:

  • Promoting transparency and community service.
  • Optimizing government service.
  • Providing opportunities to create new products and services.
  • Providing opportunities to create new business fields and economic opportunities.
  • Create new knowledge by integrating multiple data sources and processing big data.

This Policy aims at outlining the policies of open data management on DOF’s website in accordance with controls set forth in the Disclaimer, Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policy, all available on the website. In addition to presenting data classification criteria adopted and abide by DOF upon following Open Data Policy on its website to achieve transparency and credibility in the announcement of data and raise community awareness of financial statistics.

Link with Strategic Objectives

Identify Involved Parties and their Needs

Terms and Definitions

Scope of Application

The scope of application of this Policy includes all financial statements authorized to be published by DOF, which fall under open data in accordance with Law No. 26 of 2015.

Open Data Classification Criteria

DOF classifies data sets as open data if its dissemination achieves public interest. DOF complies with a set of criteria when classifying its open data as follows:

  • Data publishing must beconsistent with applicable legislation and policies in the emirate.
  • Do not pose any risk tothe safety of persons and society.
  • Do not misuse anypersonal, private or sensitive data.
  • Do not violate anyintellectual property rights.
  • Shall be consistent withmaintenance of security and achievement of justice standards.

General Specifications of Available Data

DOF shall as a minimum adhere to the following guidelines of open data:

  • Published data shallcover DOF’s services and activities that would be of value to the visitorof the website.
  • Data shall be accessibleby visitor without any obstacles.
  • Published data shall be ina "cut-paste" format and downloadable.
  • Using preferred formatsof files used for available data (Word - Excel) as they give full freedomto users..
  • Providing the website visitorwith the opportunity to express opinions on the published data.
  • Publishing data inreadable format.
  • Ability to know the typeand size of the file as well as the time necessary to download it beforestarting the download.
  • Notifying the websiteuser if the file needs specific software for running.
  • Provide all possible platformsto interact with data users, and create links to e-platforms where suchdata is discussed such as forums, blogs and Facebook pages.

DOF’s Responsibilities

  • Data shall be usable,reusable, and re-publishable by any individual, legal or governmentalperson.
  • DOF shall not be liableunder any circumstances for any direct or indirect damages, incidental orconsequential, special or exceptional, arising from the use or inabilityto use such open data, including but not limited to: loss of income, lossof reputation, loss of business, loss of data, computer malfunction, orother damages.
  • DOF shall not be heldliable for any harm to the user or any other person as a result of breachof information confidentiality and no compensation may be provided by DOF forthe same.
  • E-copies of DOF’sdocuments published on website are for informational purposes.
  • DOF disclaims allimplied warranties and conditions with respect to information published inthe Open Data Section.
  • Open data page shallcontain open data policy that gives users a very clear license to usedata.

Conditions of Reuse

  • Data shall be usable,reusable, and re-publishable by any individual, legal or governmentalperson..
  • User may notmisrepresent this data or its source or mislead others.
  • Data shall not be usedfor political purposes, to support illegal or criminal activity, used inracial, discriminatory, inflammatory or negative comments on culture,equality, incitement, or any irregular activity violating UAE’s customsand traditions.
  • Data and informationuser shall make reference to the source of data and information in case ofbeing reused by providing DOF’s website link to maintain intellectualproperty of the data and its authenticity, integrity of its source anddate.
  • Data user shall be theperson responsible for the reuse of data on DOF’s portal. Reuse of suchdata shall not result in any mistakes related to data content, source, anddate.
  • User of open data on DOF’swebsite shall represent and warrant using such open data at his own risk. DOFshall not assume any responsibility whatsoever to update all open data inthe future, especially when it is based on current assumptions andpredictions that may lead to certain risks and raise doubts about results thathave mismatch between the current and future results and estimates.

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