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About Maliyoun

In the framework of implementing the directives of HH Sheikh/ Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Rulers of Dubai – may God protect him – regarding the need to launch a range of initiatives for developing the Government’s performance to promote a culture of creativity, loyalty and excellence among all governmental employees, and the Department of Finance continuing to support the efficiency of governmental employees in order to prepare them academically and practically to assume their responsibilities and exercise their powers in a manner that raises the level of performance and supports the development of the national economy of the Emirate, and believing in the role of the Department of Finance in maintaining and protecting the public money through qualified and able human resources in cooperation with the Mohammed Bin Rashed School of Government.

Since its launch in 2012, "Maliyoun" initiative has made many achievements, including: Training and developing many employees from the twenty-eight governmental entities in Dubai, through specialized programs for employees. The initiative ranged from training programs with a financial nature to specialized initiatives for new financial employees, as well as specialized initiatives for new non-financial employees. In a well planned development of the initiative, the Department of Finance launched a professional specialization diploma in governmental accounting and a diploma in public money management. The initiative has been keen to select lecturers among Dubai Government’s qualified expert employees who are able to transfer the knowledge from generation to generation in order to integrate the academic aspect with the practical aspect. In addition, the initiative was keen to strengthen the culture of raising efficiency in governmental expenditure, and has received a high level of satisfaction among the participating employees for the presented scientific material and the lecturers’ performance.

The initiative includes the following training programs:

  • The first program: Raising the efficiency of new employees.
  • The second program: Training needs.
  • The third program: Professional diplomas in government accounting and management of public funds, certified by the Knowledge Committee and under the supervision of the Department of Human Resources in the Government of Dubai.

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