Furas Program - Maliyoun Initiative
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Maliyoun Initiative – ‘Furas’ Programme

Graduate Qualifying Programme

Within the directives of the wise leadership on the importance of focusing on the investment in human resources, and the necessity of providing the citizens with sufficing job opportunities, and qualifying, training and empowering them to enter the labor market, and become leaders in the economic sectors, the Department of Finance (DOF) introduces the ‘Furas’ (opportunities) programme, to emphasise the necessity of integrating roles between public and private sectors, and unifying national efforts to achieve the goals of Emiratisation. This will enable the graduates to actively participate in initiatives aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of both the country and the emirate, in the short, medium and long terms, while achieving the objectives of the next 50 years.

Qualifying the national competencies with financial specialisations enables the youth to take the first steps in their careers with strength confidence and ability to engage in promising financial careers, by refining their skills and developing their capabilities. Trainees in this programme undergo a development plan tailored to suit each trainee, and includes theoretical and functional internship through a set of training courses that contribute to developing technical, managerial and leadership skills.

Programme information

The duration of the programme is 12 months, and it is presented in two phases. The first one lasts for two months and includes training courses to ensure that members acquire the knowledge, skills and behaviors required to perform the chosen jobs, while the second phase lasts for ten months and includes work in a government or private entity, endorsed by DOF. The trainee is given a monthly payoff of AED 8,000, in addition to paid leave.